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Valentine's Day: Books, Films, Music and Links

President's Day

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President's Day: Books, Films, Music and Links

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February Monthly Notables 

February is Black History Month

February marks the birthdays of Douglass, DuBois and Hughes. Journey with Henry Louis Gates Jr. across Africa in his beautiful Wonders of the African World, and don't miss the two-volume collection of images in African Ceremonies. In Music, you'll find a range of rich sounds from ceremonial music to modern world beat in African Music Essentials. Experience African culture, past and present!

Black American History Links Page

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African Drums

Black Poem

In Between The Cushions

The Lantern

Crazy Man


The Wax Museum

The Club

The Giraffe, The Willow and Me

African Drums

 Black American Poetry and Writing Links

Africa Online

20th Century African American Poetry

Painted Voices

Valentine's Day Shop
On Valentine's Day, life is especially sweet. Here's your chance to link to the Valentine's Day Shop where you'll find perfect gifts for soul mates, close friends, and kids. Don't miss the easy-to-browse lists of ideas for her, for him, and for friends. Compiled is a list by price and gift ideas to tempt the true romantics and secret admirers alike. Like the song says, love is all around, so don't let the sweet 14th day of February go unnoticed! 

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 Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) Official Website

Academy Awards  Official Website

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