Halloween Part II

You Have Dared to Enter!

People once believed ghosts Ghostroamed the earth and that witches met with the Halloween Devildevil on Halloween. 
Boiling cauldrons Boiling cauldron on Halloween, evil spells, Halloween Bat bats,
black Cat and Pumpkin cats and broomsticks were associated with witches and Halloween. 
Later, Black Magic, The Grim Reaper, Frankenstein, 

Dracula in Coffin
Count Dracula, vampirevampires and 

werewolves Wolfman
also became associated with the Holiday.


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The music on this page "Ghostbusters"  
comes to us through the courtesy of its sequencer 

David W. Barnes
David W. Barnes ~ Original MIDI Sequences

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  Kids Poems:
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Elder's Poems:

My Favorite Poem: I Know It Is Near!

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