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Puppets As Actors

Carnival Of Animals
with Jim Gamble Puppets

Puppets and Demons
by Patrick McGuinn


Bil Baird

Puppetry Making

Introduction To Puppet Making
by Jim Gamble

Kid's Make Puppets-Scarf Marionettes
by Jim Gamble

Shari Lewis

Best of Lamb Chop & Friends

101 Things for Kids To Do

Shari Lewis Have I got A Story For You

Shari Lewis Kooky Classics

One Minute Bedtime Stories

The Muppets


Happy Mother's Day The Muppets

Muppet Family Christmas

Shalom Sesame Street 10-Passover

Sesame Street Celebrates Around The World

Elmo Says Boo!

Muppet Treasure Island

Muppets General

Cookie Monster's Best Bites

Sesame Street Big Bird: Quiet Time

The Best Of Elmo!

The Best Of Bert and Ernie

Put Down The Duckie

Best of Kermit On Sesame Street

Muppets Educational

Sesame Street Count 1-2-3-

Sesame Street do The Alphabet

Sesame Street Kid's Guide to Living: Learning to Share

Sesame Street Kids Guide to Living: Telling The Truth

Sesame Street learning About Numbers

Sesame Street Learning About Letters

Sesame Street Visits the Fire House

Muppets Activities

Big Bag Explore with Us

Big Bag Share with Us

Big Bag Imagine with Us

Muppet Music Videos

Sesame Street Big Bird Sings

Elmo's Sing Along Guessing Game


Get Up and Dance

Sesame Street Play Along Games And Songs

Sesame Street Sing Along

Sesame Street Sing Yourself Sillier At The Movies

Sing Yourself Silly

Sing, Hoot and Howl!

Sesame Street's 25th Birthday A Musical Celebration


  High quality examples of Bil Baird's work on film. 52-minute show with the backstage preparations of marionette "actors" who will perform the tale of Davy Jones and a boy who learns from him. Video comes with a cardboard treasure chest containing 18-pack crayons, two 18 by 24-inch puzzles, 150-piece color puzzle, 25-piece black-and-white puzzle depicting the marionettes from the video.

  The Czech stop-motion puppet animation master Jiri Trnka directed some of the most acclaimed animated films ever made. In 1966, four years before his death, Newsday lauded him as "second to Chaplin as a film artist because his work inaugurated a new stage in a medium long dominated by Disney." Trnka continues to astound audiences to this day, particularly those discovering this amazing animation for the first time. This collection includes five of the master's shorts and his feature-length classic "The Emperor's Nightingale" based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale and narrated by Boris Karloff. Includes: The Emperor's Nightingale, The Hand, The Story of the Bass Cello, A Merry Circus, A Drop Too Much, The Song of the Prairie, Jiri Trnka: Puppet Animation Master documentary.

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