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An Introduction

Puppets have peopled this world
since man first began trying to influence,
explain, train and entertain the human race! 
The first puppeteers were teachers
 instructing their people,
religiously and culturally
through ceremonies of song, dance and prayer.
Their goal was to keep their culture alive,
their people informed
and their heritage in tact!
It was not until later,
storytelling became the heart of their art
and the puppeteer emerged as a storyteller.

As people moved from place to place,
for one reason or another,
conquest, flight or exploration,
 puppeteers mirrored the changing cultural,
social and political landscapes.
Traveling, the globe, like roving reporters
bringing the news of the many to the few,
and the opinions of the few to the many,
puppeteers recognized the need to attract
and engage their audience.
 It was then they learned the true power
"The Puppet"
as a spokesperson and communicator.

In a world then separated by distance and suspicion,
speaking on all aspects of the human condition,
sharing their view of it all,
puppeteers helped shape a
nd reflect public opinion
for Puppetry served both the rich and poor equally!
Informing it's ever eager
yet, expanding and changing audience
on universal themes,
 the puppeteer worked his magic and perfected his art.

Puppet Theater for this reason,
became an influential force in the world of old
reflecting the times,
morally, spiritually and historically.
For no longer was the puppeteer,
just a teacher, he had become an entertainer as well.
Much came from this change,
as the rich Tapestry of Puppetry,
was woven through the ages
and encircled the globe.

Courting smiles and laughter,
hrough the confines of the plays he performed,
expressing and impressing,
the puppeteer evolved!
Adding new depth to self expression,
and refining the medium of mass communication,
Such was the Art of the Puppet
and its Puppeteers!

 Today, puppetry remains universal in its appeal
though it has lost much of it's power
as a means of human communication.
Now, television, radio, film and even the internet
are more powerful mediums in this exchange.

Still, the Art of the Puppet will endure
and continue to be embraced,
for it is after all,
what makes us all puppets akin under the skin!
Puppet's will continue to exist,
as long as their are
puppeteers to breath life into them.

Yes, my friends, puppets and their puppeteers
do indeed cast their spells!

Such is the magic of the Puppet, his Art and his Theater!

Now, lets meet some famous puppeteers and there creations!
Here are some of my own personal, favorite puppet friends
and their handlers!

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Coming Soon!

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