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The Magic Cat

by Linda A. Copp

Scenery And Prop Pages

Circus Ring

Prop Page One
Banjo Peanuts

Prop Page Two

Puppets To Make for Play

Puppets To Purchase To Do This Play!

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Christmas Play

The Christmas Stocking

by  Linda A. Copp

Scenery And Props Pages

Read Instructions at bottom or Page

Prop Page One

Prop Page Two

Puppets To Make for Play

Puppets To Buy To Perform This Play

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Little Duck And The Key To Every Door

by  Linda A. Copp

Puppets To Make To Perform This Play


Easter Play Puppets





Puppets To Buy at Discount To Perform This Play

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Ruby's Stew

by  Linda A. Copp

Scenery Tree for Forest
Make two or three for background scenery if you wish but, one is only necessary for cat to sleep next to for play!
Inside Witch's Shack
Nothing is really necessary just use back ground screen but you can make something  to represent her house if you wish.
Bottle prop  Cauldron and Spoon
Paste onto cardboard then cut for props

Puppets to Make to Perform this Play

Wizard Puppet

 Witch Puppet

Print out two of these and color them two different colors to be the two cats in the play

Puppets To Buy To Perform this Play

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Thanksgiving Play

Barnyard Thanksgiving

by Linda A. Copp

 Scenery Meadow
Fence         Sun         Tree
Cookies prop & Eggnog pail

Scenery inside Barn

Inside Barn

Puppets You Make To Do Play

Puppets YOU Can Buy To Perform This Play!

Puppets To Perform: Barnyard Thanksgiving

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Puppets to make to do above plays!

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A beloved play for children to perform at any time of the year

The Three Little Pigs

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Puppets for plays sold at discount in groups

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Puppets For Sale!

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If you like Puppetry  you will enjoy these Poems about Puppets and Puppetry: 

The Theater  

  The Revolt Of The Puppets

The Circus  

Wooden Blocks


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If you are interested in buying puppets, for these plays or any others
Click below!

All the puppets to do these plays are available there!

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  Grampaw'sGrampaw invites you to his workshop, see what's in progress. Workshop

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