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The Best Resource Sites:

Puppets For Sale!

We have Czech hand puppets and Czech marionettes
for sale as well as, Yarn and Wooden Puppets
to do all the plays on our site!

Click here to go to our Puppets to Buy
pages or click on the  Puppets For Sale link above!

Our Toy Box Hand Puppets
and Marionettes for Sale

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Puppets Hand Puppet on Stage To Buy!

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The puppets to perform the Christmas Stocking,
The Magic Cat and Little Duck and the Key to Every Door
may be purchased individually from
the Puppets To Buy Page or in groups
at a discount in my Bargains Pages!

My Treasure Chest is filled
with the most beautiful marionettes,
 I have ever seen !
They are for the gifted child or serious puppeteer!

All my plays are based on the characters available
in either of these boxes with more to follow!

Click on each box below to view contents
of puppets available for purchase!

My Treasure

Limited quantities
takes time to restock!

My Toy Box

My toy box is filled with inexpensive puppets for the youngster or novice!

Reordered daily!

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Resource Sites Organizations:


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Puppets to Make

Materials for Puppets

Scripts and Plays


Puppet Center marionette opera News

Traditional Chinese Culture in Taiwan Puppetry

Visions Alive Puppets

Kids Party Los Angeles Ventriloquist Justin VerBurg.
He makes his dummies from scratch! Kids birthday parties, school shows and corporate events.

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A Brief History of Puppets

Puppetry Home Page


  Puppetry: Books, Films, and Music

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If you like Puppetry  you will enjoy these Poems about Puppets and Puppetry

The Theater  

  The Revolt Of The Puppets

The Circus  

Wooden Blocks


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